Sunflower Tillage Equipment

The Sunflower Difference

Increase your efficiency and productivity on the farm.

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Sunflower equipment is known as the “originator of flexible tillage tools”. Farmers continue to choose Sunflower for their innovative flexible plows, chisel plows, offset discs, and more. Their tools are known to drastically improve your seeding and tillage. No matter the soil type or cropping program, there is a Sunflower tool that can help. Check out our featured Sunflower models below.

Sunflower 1710 Disc Harrows

Take weight and strength dimensions to a new level with the Sunflower 1700 series disc harrows. This series features large diameter full concavity blades and is equipped with rigid or spring-cushioned gangs. This series is able to penetrate packed soils as well as thickly matted crop residue.

Sunflower 4213 Tillage Tools

Don’t let soil compaction rob your crops of nutrients and moisture. Choose a 4200-series coulter chisel to completely fracture hardpans and eliminate soil compaction up to a depth of 12”. Features include frame, hitch, depth control, shanks, and more.

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