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Finding The Right Tractor For You.

Those who work in the farming industry know how crucial it is to have a strong, reliable tractor readily available to handle the challenging tasks of each day. Tractors are highly effective machines that are able to direct their power through a wide variety of implements and attachments. The number of possible applications is endless when you have the right tractor, attachments, and implements.

At Rathbone Sales in Moses Lake, WA, we know it can be tricky to narrow down your options to just one tractor. Fortunately, we carry a generous selection of tractors for sale and would be happy to help you find the right one for you. Give us a call or stop by today for more information!

Types of Tractors

Before you start shopping, you should consider what type of tractor it is you’re looking for. There are a couple of different factors that will affect this decision. First, assess the size of the property where you’ll be using your tractor so you know how much ground you’ll need to be able to cover. Second, consider what type of work you plan to do with your tractor.

New Vs. Used

In many cases, buyers consider used vehicles and other equipment to be a lesser version in comparison to buying new. When it comes to tractors, that’s not always the case. Remember that tractors are built with durability in mind so they can last for a very long time, especially if they’ve been properly maintained. It’s safe to assume that most tractor owners have worked hard to keep their equipment in good condition. Therefore, shopping for a used tractor is a valid option. It’s possible to find an affordable piece of equipment that is in great condition.

With that said, you still need to consider the wear and tear when it comes to used tractors. Be sure to check the cab controls, such as the pedals and floor mats, for signs of extreme wear and tear. A tractor with low operational hours but visible wear and tear could indicate a red flag. Ask for documentation regarding service, maintenance, and ownership before you consider sealing the deal. Don’t hesitate to take it for a test drive, either. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable assessing the condition of a used tractor on your own, it’s best to consult a professional.

Attachments and Implements

When you find the right tractor, it should be fully capable of utilizing the attachments and implements you need to successfully get work done. For example, if you have a massive field you need to keep mowed, you can hook up a pull-behind mower and blow through the brush with ease. When you’re dealing with crops, you’ll want something large that can pull heavy implements like spreaders and rotary tillers. Regardless of what you have in mind, start with the types of implements you plan to use so you can confirm the tractor can handle them.

In order to determine if your tractor is compatible with certain implements, you’ll need to look at the components. The power take-off (PTO) is a drive shaft responsible for powering other equipment. The hydraulic pumps are important too as they transfer energy back into the implement. If the tractor is lacking either of these, you’ll need to be sure there’s a draw bar that enables the tractor to tow. In the event that none of these are present, you really won’t be able to get any valuable use in terms of getting work done on the field. Always check for these parts to ensure you’ll be able to use your attachments and implements.

Land and Power

It’s essential to consider your property in your decision. You’re not going to get far at all if the tractor and implements you plan to use aren’t right for your property. There are various types of terrain and each calls for a different type of equipment. Trees and other obstacles can be hard to navigate with a big tractor. Wide open fields that are flat translate to ease of use with a faster tractor so you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. In general, you’ll need to use common sense to determine how each type of tractor will perform on your property’s terrain.

While horsepower is nice, it’s not the only spec you should be worried about. You’ll need to also pay attention to equipment that’ll be better at applying power to the parts of the job that are most beneficial to your work. For example, stronger PTO is going to be more helpful than a beefy engine alone. The same concept applies to the draw bar and hydraulic system ratings.

Compact Utility Tractors

When you start browsing, you’ll notice just how many different options there are. Compact utility tractors are smaller versions of the common, larger options. If you simply need a machine that is going to assist with tending to landscaping on a smaller scale, this is an excellent option. These machines are capable of chores like mowing, hauling, light excavation, and so on.

Utility Tractors

You’ll surely be able to observe the difference between standard utility tractors and their compact counterparts. The standard options are much larger and more powerful and as a result, it’s capable of supporting a wide variety of attachments. These powerful machines are good for excavation and hauling as well and can handle pretty much anything you might have in mind.

Row Crop Tractors

If you work with crop production then the most logical choice is a row crop tractor. These machines are designed to be larger and capable of tackling any specialized field work you might have on your to-do list. You’ll be able to haul virtually any implement so you’ll have all your necessary options available like tilling, spreading, and planting.

Articulated 4WD +

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to go big or go home. Some of the biggest tractors on the market feature articulation between the front and rear wheels so you have additional maneuverability and towing power. You’ll be able to haul and use any implements you desire. Needless to say, there isn’t much that these beasts can’t handle. Now that you’re more prepared, it’s time to visit us at Rathbone Sales and view all the amazing tractors for sale! We’re conveniently located in Moses, Lake, WA and we’re looking forward to assisting you with all your tractor needs.

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