Top Tips When Buying A Tractor

Your Guide to Buying a Tractor

New acreage owners will know the size of their lot but more times than not, they won’t know what size equipment they need to get the work done. Your local dealer is the right place to go to when you are looking to buy the right equipment. Finding a trustworthy dealer like Rathbone Sales will get you more than halfway to finding the perfect tractor for the job!

Here are some top considerations to think about before buying a tractor.

Your Needs and Requirements

It is important to understand what your needs are before shopping around for a tractor. You don’t want to buy something too small that it takes twice as long to complete a task. On the other hand, if you buy too big you may have to rebuild fences and buildings to get your tractor around. How much acreage will you be working on, and in what types of conditions will you need a tractor? These can include field mowing, garden tilling, material moving, haying, snow removal, and grading. Do you anticipate needing the diverse functionality of a loader mounted to the front of your tractor? This will help determine whether you need 4-wheel drive and the hydraulic capacity you require. Are you looking for comfort when working? Heated and air conditioned tractors can add expense, but also allow you to work harder and longer in any season.

Price Range

What is your financial comfort zone? Typically tractors will cost around $20,000 and up. It’s good to know your price range so you can focus on the details of the tractor that you can afford. Quality pre-owned tractors are available even for the tightest budgets. Another way of looking at this question is to consider what you’re willing to pay monthly. With big purchases there can be financing options that will help you get the tractor you want and need.

Engine and Transmission

Determining priorities will help narrow down your initial tractor list. It will also help your dealer make the right recommendations for you. Horsepower range, hydraulic capacity and lift capacity are things to consider when getting a professional opinion. Would you like an automatic-like transmission, or are you fine with clutching and shifting? The heart of the tractor, the engine provides the power to do heavy work. Typically tractors run on gasoline or diesel fuel, with diesel engines usually offering more power than ones that take gasoline. The strength of the engine is measured in horsepower; a higher number means more power, so a large tractor with high horsepower is needed for more demanding tasks.

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